Saturday, February 22, 2014

Evolve Expo Daily Schedule for

Saturday, February 22, 2014

“It’s All About Choices”

Free Energy- Alternative Health Care- Conscious Living- Wealth Building


Saturday, February 22nd:  Day 2 – Second Day of Event

*Schedule is subject to change, please check back often for updates.

8:00 am – 6:00 pm Registration Desk Open

9:00 am – 6:00 pm Expo Hall Open


Kids Program – fun area and lessons in the arts

Alternative Transportation Area Open

Live Cooking Demonstration Stage Open

v  Natural Grocers Local Food Pavilion Open

New Energy House – Open for live demonstrations

Main Entertainment Stage – Open Live


9:00 am – 9:15 am Main Stage – Opening Ceremony – Welcome to the Evolve Expo – Opening Blessing Journeys for Conscious Living – Tryna Cooper & Larry Cooper  

9:30 am – 10:30 am Room A – Ehanamani (Walks Among) aka Dr. A.C. Ross, American Indian Star Connections, Come hear American Indian Star Stories from Ehanamani.  Learn about the Giants that walked the earth and also learn about the little people who walked the earth.  The energies and spirits of the Giants and the Little People still are with us in ceremony and prayer.

Have we been visited by ET”s?  The Natives have documented stories over the century of occurrences and experiences with ET’s.  Ehanamani will teach us about the experiences on the reservations and of the people.

Ehanamani (Walks Among) aka A.C. Ross has worked for 27 years in the field of education as a teacher, principle, super-intendent, college professor and college department chairman.  He is an award winning author for his book entitled MITAKUYE OYASIN – We are all related. It is now in its 23rd printing with over 100,000 copies sold.  Dr. Ross has lectured on cultural understanding in 44 States in the U.S., Seven Canadian Provinces, Ten European Countries and Japan.


9:30 am – 10:30 am Room B – Free Energy, Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies Closest to Market, Sterling Allan, PESN – Pure Energy Systems News  There are many ways to harness the wheelwork of nature — energy sources that the environment provides free for the taking, that are not only clean but inexhaustible and ubiquitous. Conventional renewable energy (there are 25 genres) has made great strides but has limitations.

We are tracking some exotic modalities (there are 25 of those, as well) – that science has not yet acknowledged as legitimate — that are making great strides toward being proven and preparing for marketplace introduction. We’ll look at some of the leading contenders, including: Platinum Invests’ E-Mag; several groups independently pursuing a self-looped motor-generator set-up, in which a smaller motor powers a larger generator, which loops back to keep the motor running while providing copious excess power, most likely due to some kind of resonance set up with the surroundings; the solid state Earth-electron captor by Evolutions in Energy out of Brazil; and Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat, based on a safe nuclear reaction (LENR) process involving hydrogen and nickel. It’s “power to the people” in a very literal sense. See


10:30 am to 11:25 am Room B – Jim Schmidt – Coordinator of the Evolve Expo free energy exhibit will introduce the audience to the concept of free energy and provide an overview.  Free energy is not free, but we have access to energy that exists in many forms like sunlight (solar energy), the wind, and geothermal energy that is much less expensive and is pollution free.  These are known as renewable energies.


10:35 am – 11: 25 am Room A Gregory Hoag, Metaforms, Using Nature’s Patterns to Achieve Optimal Health and Well Being; Scientific evidence will be shared that confirms the existence of naturally occurring patterns that can have a dramatic effect on improving the health and function of all of the body’s internal organs.  For over Forty years Gregory Hoag, a scientist, artist and best-selling author has been working with a field of knowledge known as Sacred Geometry.  Using audience participation he will demonstrate how emotions, belief systems and judgments create stress and disease within the body. Through introducing the proper shapes and tools all of these blockages and stressors, including electromagnetic pollution and environmental toxins can be overcome and neutralized allowing the body to regain its natural balance and move into a deep state of well-being.


11:30 am – 12:35 pm

Room A Keynote: “Your Birthright is Health, Wealth and Happiness”  Conscious Living and Wealth Keynote Speaker Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha, Native Cherokee Elder, It’s All About Choices, We all deserve to know the truth of our potential and have the tools to activate and empower our lives. GMP will be helping you to awaken your inspiring vision so that you have your own heartfelt dream to work with throughout your life. She will teach about human behavior; why you are who you are; what drives your inspiration; how you are perfect just as you are; and how both your strengths and weaknesses, supports and challenges to create the perfect dynamic to assist you in doing what you most love right now, and also what you would most love to do with your future. She will aptly sum up all the wisdom you need to understand the essence of who you are, as well as the know-how to empower all aspects of your life’s desire.


12:45 pm – 1:45 pm

Room A – How Self-Realization and Coordinated Activism Empower Global Thriving

Kimberly and Foster Gamble, Co-creators of the THRIVE movie and Movement, will join the Expo this year via Skype to present and interact about the connection between personal fulfillment and solving critical global issues.

Most of us are dedicated to seeking personal liberation within, and yet we are confronted with increasing surveillance and oppression from without. Growing clarity about our purpose, principles and strategies for coherence is already starting to obsolete the agenda for global domination.

This session will explore how we can enhance each of these areas to personally thrive, while creating a world that works for everyone.


1:55 pm – 3:00 pm

Room A – Dr. JB Hill, Creative Vision – Think and Grow Rich! “Science tells us that our mind is a dynamic entity which changes throughout our lifetime and that our thoughts are far more powerful than imagined.  Thought actually has the ability to change the structure of our brain.  When we form a thought, brain cells called neurons fire.  Holding a thought will cause these neurons to recruit other neurons into a network. When we drop that thought the network unravels until the thought becomes a memory.  Repetitively thinking the same thought, however, reinforces that memory to build a stronger network and one that is able to retain its structure until needed.

In effect, the brain rewires itself to facilitate thinking a certain thought.  This is an example of what neuroscientists call neuroplasticity.  It explains how thought provides us with the means to influence the un-conscious mind that controls fear, behavior and even personality.   Properly controlled, the subconscious mind is a powerful force that will function to take us to success.”  JB Hill


3:05 pm – 4:05 pm

Room A – Rod Smith (Former Denver Bronco) (Organo Gold Diamond), 6 Steps to UNLOCKING ALL YOUR DREAMS. It will be a step by step instructions on how I manifest any dream and turn it to reality. These ingredients are must haves. You will be given specific assignments and if followed will turn Dreams in reality. After I looked back at my life. These are the common threads to my success and I will show others how to use them for their own success. It works in any aspect of life.


4:15  pm – 5:15 pm

The Archetypes: The Unconscious Source of Human Behavior Aaron Huey

“Why does my kid….”; “How come my husband/wife thinks that…”; “How do I…”  The Warrior, Wizard, Jester, Bard, King/Queen and Healer are addressed in this workshop you will learn to apply them to behaviors and begin to navigate any and all relationships with success and clarity.

This is a fun, interactive workshop that teaches:

● WHO people are subconsciously

● WHY people do what they do and WHEN it will change (sacred or profane?)

● WHERE behaviors came from (nature or nurture?)

● WHAT motivates people

● HOW to communicate to clearly based on “who they are and how they think” and of course, through this we learn who we are!

Understanding a person’s archetype can create successful relationships in:

● business  ● personal life  ● coaching  ● teaching

Complete with a detailed take home packet of notes, comparison charts, and information to guide you through your work of becoming a KING/QUEEN and ruling your own kingdom.


5:15 pm – 6:00 pm Moving Toward Happy: Practical and Spiritual Tips to a Happier, More Fulfilling Life Terry Chriswell, How can you find more happiness in your life?  Learn applicable, easy to understand practical and spiritual tips to make changes in your life that will lead you to more happiness, peace and fulfillment on a regular basis.   Finding happiness on a day-to-day basis then leads to where joy can be found – the deep underbelly of emotion that comes with the knowledge that you are on purpose; you have meaning; you are connected to Source; abundance and the fulfillment of dreams are your birthright; that all of life unfolds for the Higher Good.


6:00 pm – Expo Hours End for the Day


6:30 pm – 9:00 pm  - Create Your Vision; Napoleon Hill’s 14th Principle with Dr. JB Hill and Special Guests Rod Smith, Organo Gold Diamond and Former Denver Bronco, and Organo Gold Blue Diamond Team of Stephen & Deanna Nilsen & Casey Nilsen-Martin.  

Tickets $15            Hosted by Bohdi and Larry & Tryna Cooper